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Science-themed Fringe Shows for kids

The Adelaide Fringe is about to hit town, and with it come a range of science-themed shows for children. I’ve done a roundup of some of the best looking ones for different ages.

Hope to see you at one or two of these great shows!

The Science of Magic

Using only things you find around the house, comedian Donal Vaughn performs amazing tricks to show how magical science can be. Learn how to make a potato rocket launcher, conjure dragons breath or see unicorn spew at home – exciting, messy and hilarious. “His hilarious & informative takes on science are why he’s a favourite.” – Bright Club, Dublin.

Age group: 5+

Venue: The Bally at Gluttony  Tickets: $16, Family Tickets: $56

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Gravity Guts

Sophia wants to be an astronaut more than anything else in the world – the only problem is she’s terrible at maths. A playful blend of autobiography, creative nonfiction and comedy, ‘Gravity Guts’ is the story of a girl who just wants to break free from her father’s orbit, but first needs to build up the guts. This joyful, moving and far-out one woman show will take you on a journey into the inner working of the human experience, while exploring the outer workings of the universe. Contains mild coarse language.

Age group: 12 years+

Venue: Tandanya Arts Cafe    Tickets: $25, Concession: $18

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The Alphabet of Awesome Science

Professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge for a thrilling voyage through the alphabet where fascinating words inspire spectacular science. It’s a race from A to Z, with 26 letters inspiring 26 experiments. It’s as easy as A, B, C (that’s Anisotropic, Bolide, Conglobate) in a show that’s D, E and F (Dynamic, Exciting and Fun). Teachers say their shows are: “Exciting, entertaining, thrilling“, “Best science show I’ve seen“, “Huge impact“.

Age group: 5-12

Venue: The May Wirth at Gluttony  Tickets: $20, Children: $18, Family Tickets: $70

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The Scientific Bubble Show

Marty McBubble creates incredible bubble formations and explains the scientific wonders that make them possible. See bubble rockets and volcanoes, bubble cubes and carousels, bubble caterpillars and ice-cream, and much more. Along the way Marty will explain concepts like surface tension, flexibility, iridescence, transparency, gravity and the properties of solids, liquids and gases. With 4 and 4.5 star reviews, this is one the kids will love!  View a preview of the show at

Age group: 4 – 10 years

Venue: Burnside Community Centre.  Tickets: $18, Children: $17, Family Tickets: $60

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Dinosaur Time Machine

One for dinosaur lovers! Buckle up and take a trip in a giant time machine to get up close and personal with a life-sized T-Rex! This show incorporates up to date science and discoveries made about dinosaurs and the world that they lived in, and presents it in a fun and highly visual way.
“Dinosaur Time Machine isn’t your everyday dinosaur show. It weaves factual information into the fun… the charm of Dinosaur Time Machine lies in its ability to convey through simple means how science works” Adelaide Advertiser.

Age group: 3-9 years

Venue: Ukiyo at Gluttony and The Pocket at Stirling Fringe Tickets: $26, Children: $19, Family Tickets: $85.

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Code Like a Girl: Roaming Classroom for Rebel Girls

Code Like a Girl are passionate about empowering girls to be equal creators in building the future. They believe girls of all backgrounds should have access to technology education. The ‘Roaming Classroom for Rebel Girls’ is a touring educational experience that empowers a new generation of girls who code. The 2-hour workshop teaches girls aged 6-12 the basics of coding to create their own project or game. No coding experience? No worries. Bring your creativity and Code Like a Girl will do the rest.

Age group: 6-12 years

Venue: Australian Science and Mathematics School, Bedford Park   Tickets: $15

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Aunt Jodie’s Guide to Evolution pre-orders close at 11:50pm (ACDT) Tues 12 February – if you know a child who loves science, order your copy now: