Girls and Science

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You might like to know about Aunt Jodie’s Guide to Evolution, a book for children, which is available to buy online and in bookstores, following a highly successful Pozible crowdfunding campaign.

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What is Aunt Jodie’s Guide to Evolution?

As a nerdy parent who loves reading to my daughter, I wanted more interesting children’s fiction with a strong STEM message, to help her learn about the world. I know there are lots of other parents out there who really want to instil a love of science in their children, but don’t know how to do it. So I wrote us a book – Aunt Jodie’s Guide to Evolution.

One of the best ways to help kids get into science is to make it fun, and most kids love it when you read with them. The best books make science an adventure, while still managing to describe the natural world in a scientifically accurate way, using words and concepts that are right for the age group – just like Aunt Jodie’s Guide to Evolution.

Written by Dr Jordan Bell, illustrated by Gabriel Cunnett and reviewed for scientific accuracy by paleontologist Professor John Long, Aunt Jodie’s Guide is a compelling story of adventure and discovery, that is engaging and interesting to kids and parents alike.

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Credits: Original Art by Gabriel Cunnett